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Finest Golf courses are found in Indonesia

Posted by mila kosovic on Sabtu, 24 September 2016

Are you a lover of golf? Would you like to try golfing in a different location than your usual golf course? Are you planning a vacation and you are not sure that you will find a golf course that is going to please you? It is the highest time that you discovered Indonesia. This is the country that is known all over the world for offering the finest experience when it comes to golfing. You will find that in almost all the large islands of Indonesia, golf courses are present. Some of the finest of them are found in Java Indonesia, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Jakarta Indonesia, and Bandung. Near Jakarta Indonesia alone, you will find over 40 popular golf courses that most tourists prefer. There are other popular destinations for golf lovers such as Bali Indonesia, Lombok, West and South Sumatra, Papua, North and south Sulawesi and Kalimantan too. Each of these golf courses is unique in its own way, and you are bound to experience a difference in which ever you choose to play in.

Some of the most popular golf courses include Pondok Cabe Golf, Padang Golf Halim II and Kedaton Golf Course. The Pondok Cabe Golf course is the most astounding one, and is located a few minutes from the Pondok Cabe Airport. It was designed by some of the finest golf course designers known as Thomson & Wolveridge. Playing golf on this course is quite amazing and although you pay a large amount of money, you are offered value for your money due to the amazing features that the course offers. Paying golf in Bali Indonesia or ay other gold course located in Lombok, offer you an experience of a lifetime. The type of grass that you will find on the golf courses is the cow grass, which locals refer to as elephant grass. This grass is the finest due to the easy maintenance processes, and even when it is rainy, you can still enjoy your golfing without any problems.

On the base of Indonesian Air Force near the Halim Perdanakusuma Airport, you will find another amazing golf course known as Padang Golf Halim II. This golf course was designed in the eighties and is the best golf course for those who are looking for a traditional sensation. Kedaton Golf Course is another exciting golf course that doubles as a golf and country club. This golf course was designed in the nineties by Rick Robins, who is one of the most popular golf course designers based in America. The designer is known for designing the most popular golf courses in the world, and he is the one who designed The Wood Lands Golf course in Texas. It is only in Lombok and Jakarta Indonesia that you will find real golf courses that are designed to offer you the finest experience as you play your favorite game.

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