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Google Voice, a new trend in telecommunication was launched by Google

Posted by mila kosovic on Senin, 26 September 2016

Google Voice, a new trend in telecommunication was launched by Google.The Google voice was released in 2009 march 11.Now this facility is only made available to users in United States and Canada. From a defined area the user can select a US phone number which is made free to him. To the other numbers provided by the user the inbound calls that are coming to that specified number are transmitted.

The Google has also provided the Simpati Furniture voice mail service having many other facilities. It shows the history of the call immediately after each call. A conferencing facility and a call blocking facility is also enabled. It has a mechanism of voice transcription; here it translates your voice into text form. Another interesting feature is that you can change from one phone to other while you are in a call.

The messaging facility is made free to Canada and US. The call forwarding facility will help you to forward the calls to the number of phone numbers as you prescribe earlier. And also if you want to forward a call to a land line of that locality then it is absolutely free. It offers outstanding configurations. Three hours of local Pakar SEO free calls is provided to the local places. A centralized voice mail system is provided so that you can transcribe the voice mail to your personal computer. You can take the help of Google voice to call different numbers many times a day. Screening of the calls is also made possible and if you don't want to attend calls from certain number then you can block their calls. If you pay then you can change your number. You can keep your contact in group and assign preference accordingly. You can also forward a voice mail and also there is option to download a voice mail. They also provide you an option to set greeting for specific phone numbers. You can also answer the call from any of the configured numbers you provide.

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